Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We have a diagnosis!

I just got an updated email from my oncologist this evening (yes, I feel very lucky to have an awesome team of doctors taking care of me already), I let my doctor's email explain...

"Joelle, the results are in, and as I was hoping, it's "mediastinal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma". This is the best of all the possibilities in terms of both the treatment and the curability."  

Mediastinal diffuse large B-cell lymphomas have very good initial curability rates (in the 80% and over), so we are celebrating at my house today! :)  We will be seeing the oncologist tomorrow to come up with the official plan and hear more details (stage info, what type of treatment and for how long, when to start chemo, etc).  While I'm still googling (of course), and processing the news  - this is about the best possible news we could have received today!  We had hugs all around, and there's big smiles.  I might even stay awake for a bit tonight instead of crashing with these pain meds.

Good night friends, thanks for all your support!


  1. Great news!! Doing the happy dance in GA! Thanks for the update. Love you!

  2. "mediastinal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma" is too big a name for the Big Book of Boo-Boos. Doc McStuffins would have called it something like...chest-lumposis or bad-stuffingitis. :) In any case, I'm happy you finally have a diagnosis!

  3. Ya veras que todo estara bien ,, Voy a ti,, Abrazos de los Sala San Miguel,, ;-)

  4. Super buenas noticias...yay

  5. HOLLA! That's what I like to hear.

  6. I'm very happy, and relieved, to hear that your prognosis is the best you could have hoped for. You'll be in my thoughts in the coming weeks and months as you fight through this. Stay strong!

  7. tremenda noticia!
    un abrazo bien fuerte...Luiso

  8. Game on Lymphoma, you don't know who you are up against!!! Voy a ti Joelle :) Remember to always keep the faith and always stay positive through this process. I love you so muchhh and remember we're here for you and your family always!!

  9. Sin duda esta es una maravillosa noticia que todos debemos celebrar.

    No podemos bajar la guardia y sí continuar orando por una pronta y total recuperacion.

    Mil bendicione, Joelly


  10. Creo que nos hemos visto solo una vez, es Annie, la esposa de Alfred de la Fraternidad. ¡Estas en nuestras oraciones, eres una mujer muy valiente, cuidate mucho! Muchos Cariños

  11. Joelle....We are thinking about you, Gabbo and Sarah! We will keep you in our prayers !Sending positive thoughts your way!

    Hugs......Denise and Rob in Nebraska


  12. “Dreams are renewable.

    No matter what our age or condition,

    There are still untapped possibilities within us

    And a new beauty waiting to be born.”

    Estoy rezando por tu salud 24 / 7

    Te quiere mucho,

    Titi Bruni

  13. Glad you are soo positive!!! may God works his magic over you!!! Xoxo ildeliz

  14. Joelly, noticias muy alentadoras. Gracias por dejarnos entrar a tu vida a traves de este medio. Todos te tenemos en nuestros pensamientos. Abrazos y nos vemos prontito.


  15. Here is my hug now, mmmmmm. GOOD NEWS FOR YOU = GOOD NEWS FOR ME. I'll keep in touch, te quiero amiga
    Nicole Castañer

  16. Woohoo! Amen for all the prayers. We are so happy in the Rodriguez-Frias home. Never never lost the faith and positiveness you have. You will be fine. Thank you for letting us be with you through this, and send our support and love. Dancing right now for the news. Besitos


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