Thursday, June 27, 2013

Round 1 Day 4

Quick note from my phone again! Round 1, Day 4 down! I'm feeling more tired today, so off to bed. I woke up this morning hyper again, but kind of lacking the energy "oomph" to go with the hyperness. To top it off, I was given Benadryl to counteract a slight allergy I'm developing to the glue from the pump/port bandage covers. Sleeeeeepy Joelle is what I feel like!

I had a lovely visit from my cousins today, it was great to see my daughter entertaining them! ... And I got to enjoy an In n Out burger for dinner, because I had been craving it for a week now and finally felt good enough to eat the fries and milkshake today. Don't get me wrong, we're trying to eat healthy here, but sometimes you have to eat what your brain wants. :)

Tomorrow they remove the pump, and I will have 2 weeks of being able to shower without having to worry about these bandages and cables! :)


  1. Good for you. The In n Out Burger brings joy into my life. Thank you Gabo & Joelle for introducing those 670 calories of joy into my life, plus another 395 for the fries and 590 for the strawberry shake... :-)

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  3. Ah, you had me at "In-N-Out"! Did you go for it... Double Double? ...Animal Style? YUM!

    Showers without cables?! EPIC WIN!

    Bon appetit, and enjoy your nap time! Luv ya!

  4. Yup, sometimes you gotta eat In and Out! Get some rest. Thinking about you a lot!!!

  5. In N Out is perfectly acceptable fare! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  6. It was great to see you and the fam yesterday Joelly. We all had a great time! See you on my next trip to LA. Olive Juice


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