Monday, June 24, 2013

Chemo pump info

All of a sudden I'm pretty tired, so I'm going to do a quick post before bed.  So far, I've had a little stomach uneasiness, and just a bad taste in my mouth (both things I was warned about.

I'm posting a couple of pictures so you can see what the "chemo at home" pump looks like.  It's attached to the port in my chest (the needle is uber covered in bandages, so best way to cover THAT up is with tshirts!).  And yes, I have to cover the bandage up because otherwise my daughter wants to see exactly what is going on...

On to the pump.  I will be carrying it in this stylish over-the-shoulder hospital issued bag.  It's not too heavy, and it's not too big.  My husband said it reminded him of a cassette player in terms of size.

The case has an easy-open Velcro flap for me to confirm that the pump is working.  It also makes low mechanical noise every couple of minutes, so it's easy to tell.

This is what the bag looks on the inside.  Small pump on the top side, and an IV like bag on the bottom, that holds enough meds for 24 hours. We initially thought I would be carrying enough liquid for 4 days at a time - but now understand that would require a backpack!!

That's my update for today.  I think the early morning blog post "just" went up (we had good signal for Facebook but not for Blogger at doctor's office).  I will try to add more info as to what happens during the treatments later.

And one more picture because I couldn't resist!  When I got home I had a package of cupcakes from friends, with the card "take 2 and call me in the morning".  Loved it, and they have already been sampled. :)

One day down!


  1. No te dije? Parece un fanny pack! jejeje

    1. Clau - lo voy a meter en una cartera que tengo, creo que va a ser mas facil cargarlo!


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