Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to leave a comment on Joelle's blog?

I am so humbled by the fact that so many of you are stopping by to read my blog, especially our family friends that aren't as used to computers and the internet.  This quick post is for you, hope it helps! :)

I've gotten this question a bunch of times - so here's the easiest way to leave a comment on the blog (if you want to!).  I read all the comments, but haven't been doing a good job of responding, thanks for understanding. :)

1) Anyway, at the bottom of every post, there is a line that says something like:
"Posted by Joelle at this time     2 comments"

2) If you click on the comments link, you will get a white window for you to type in your information (and please sign it in some way so I will know it is you!  My cousin just used his initials the other day, it took me a minute, but I figured out who it was from :) )

3) Under the white text window, there is a "Comment as:" question with a pull-down menu (and it generally defaults to "Google Account").  This is the part that is confusing, so all you need to do, is click on the arrow, scroll down on the list and select "Anonymous".

4) Finally, click on the "Publish" button, and you're done!

PS - It is 5am here, I had a good night's rest but I'm hyper again this morning.  Going to try to take another nap before my daughter wakes up, we'll see how that works out for me!


  1. This is a test to see if i learned to post comments...AMDG.
    Luis CSI'68

  2. Bueno me imagino que ya sabes quien te escribe en este momento,,,Get Well

  3. I'm so glad I got to see you and your family yesterday! Make somme room in the freezer - I'll be bringing you more food sometime next week! :)

  4. Joelle, eres un ejemplo de joven mujer, mama, esposa, hija, hermana, amiga!!! Tu entereza y fortaleza es digna de admiracion. Estoy rezando mucho por ti, tu bebita, Gabo y toda tu linda familia. Se que Dios te esta cargando en este camino que te ha tocado andar y también se que triunfaras con alegria y determinacion. Mis oraciones y bendiciones estarán contigo siempre. Si algo mas puedo hacer para ayudarte a ti o a tu Familia, cuenta conmigo. Ya le di a una amiga que tiene un "ejercito de oradores" tus iniciales para que te incluyan en sus oraciones tambien. Te quiero mucho pequeña astronauta de quinto grado! Maria Emilia

    1. Gracias Maria Emilia! :) Un abrazo!

  5. You're look beautiful and happy as always! We love you and are with you all the way! God bless you!
    Fausto y Annie

    1. Gracias Tio Fausto y Titi Annie! :)

  6. We mean to say you look beautiful.....I was writing something else!

  7. This is your family in Puerto Rico, Maria Lina Julia de Margarida, your great aunt, and my children, Anita, Jose, Maritere, Mildred, Maria Lina, Carlos and Miguel, Margarida Julia. We have all joined in prairies for your return to health. I have faith, He will hear our prayers for you. God has blessed you in so many ways, and He will do the same in this ocassion.

    Manten tu fe en la misericordia de Dios y la Virgen Maria, nuestra madre que intercede por nosotros.

    Una Misa sera celebrada por tu salud en mi Iglesia San Ignacio en PR.
    Besos para la linda nena, con abrazos para ti y tu esposo.
    (Tita - Maria Lina Julia)


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