Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hair OFF Party!

First off, Round 1 Day 3 went pretty well.  I woke up hyper (again), and felt fine except for some nausea on the drive to LA (thank goodness for saltine crackers!).  I had a chest xray to make sure that everything looks good post 2nd biopsy operation (I will be seeing the thoracic surgeon on friday).  And then we spent about 2 hours at the infusion center while they gave me anti-nausea meds and swapped out the pump bag for a new one.

I was very anxious to get home, because today we were going to have visitors and I didn't want to be late!  My husband was laughing at me, because initially we had 3 hours to get home and it seemed like that would be plenty of time, but we lost 2 hours in traffic... Let's just say that lots of steroid meds and a little stress don't mix well, I was happy to get home with a little bit of time to spare.

I had read (and heard from awesome women who are cancer survivors) that the process of losing your hair can be tough.  So, I decided to adopt the awesome plan of having a mini party, and just take control and cut my hair before it starts falling off.  I had initially thought of going closer to GI Jane style, but thankfully I have an awesome friend and stylist who reminds me that he knows how to make my hair look better than I do.  :)

Our friends brought appetizers, dinner, and dessert - which is great because we needed the little time we had between driving down from hospital and the first guests arriving to just relax!  It was great to have them here, and I've also read it is good from their perspective - less weird when they see me without hair, etc.  My daughter fussed/cried a little at the beginning, but after telling her Mama was getting a haircut, that it was just a hairbrush, that it felt niiice, etc - she was fine.

I imagine you want to see some pictures...

First, I got to do the first cut!

In progress...

And here's the new haircut!  I love it already! :)


  1. Te ves preciosa Joelly. Que pena no estuve para el
    Party, pero te veo mañana! :). Olive Juice!

  2. BESOS! Your haircut is super cute and super sassy! I love it!!

    - Lari

  3. YOU'RE A TOTAL ROCKSTAR. (That's right, ALL in CAPS)
    Big hug!

  4. esa es la actitud!! Love the new hairstyle very fashionista!!! Love you!!

  5. i LOVE that you are rocking the short hair!!! :) You look fierce! :D xoxo

  6. Preciosa de alma, corazon y carita!!! Te quiero. Maria Emilia

  7. Gracias por compartir las fotos. Me encantan. Siento que nos vemos todos los dias. Espero que Alberto pueda estar un ratito con ustedes.
    te quiere mucho,
    Titi B

    1. Pudimos compartir con Alberto y Sharon! :) Besos Titi B!

  8. Bellaaaa!!! Muax

    Tqmm sissy!!

  9. I just love short hair on you...especially with your poppin lipstick :-) Gorgeous!


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