Monday, June 17, 2013

The power of a warm shower

I was allowed to remove the wound dressings today, which my husband did while I kept my eyes closed!  I shouldn't have been so hesitant, they look great! I have a 1inch incision above left breast where they did biopsy from. It is a little swollen, but looks good.  There is a horizontal 1/2 inch incision right between my breasts where drainage chest tube was.  I was allowed to shower and just let water run over cuts, which means i still have a lot of sticky stuff and Betadina around the 2 cuts, but most of the sticky/orange stuff (betadine mix or something) that was on my face, neck, shoulders and tummy has been removed!

I feel so much better after showering, that I'm going to celebrate with a nap.  I think I'll be able to lower the pain med again later today so I'm not as groggy...

We're back to waiting for biopsy results, I already emailed my oncologist, hoping to hear something soon!


  1. My first real shower after surgery reminded me of the song "Human Again" from Beauty and the Beast. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. We're thinking of you! Glad you're feeling better and we love you!

  3. Me algra que te sientas mejor,, Estas dando catedra de fortaleza y positivismo,, Se te quiere Sobrinita,, Ya veras que saldras airosa de todo esto


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