Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Did I mention the hats?

One of the side effects discussed with my oncologist was hair loss.  I had initially heard that there was  chance of hair loss, and had read that sometimes it never comes back.  My doctor said that with my treatment, I will lose my hair - but that it always comes back.  So, to get my daughter (and really me and those that love me also) used to it, I bought some hats today.  I got 3 cute hats that I think look youthfull (my fashionable sister thought they were cool), and I also bought a scarf.  The scarf will be tougher to wear, I think it more closely looks like "I'm sick" when I wear it.  Day 1 of wearing hat went well, I got my daughter to wear hers for a bit too.  We took some pictures (and she probably didn't actually look at the camera for any of them)!

This afternoon, I got to hang out with husband, daughter, and siblings at the park, got to actually hold my daughter in my arms while standing, and give her a hug.  This is huge, it had only been a couple of days but I was feeling quite sad about it.  This evening, I am finally starting to feel BETTER after the 2nd biopsy.  Just in time for another procedure tomorrow. :)


  1. I know you will look great with your hats! Just to tell you that I lost my hair TWICE, and I am back with all my hair! You will see

  2. Una amiga se recorto bien corto, como Anne Hathaway, al comenzar la quimio para ir acostumbrandose. Si Vero te ayudo a escoger los sombreros te creo que son bien wow!
    Espero hayas salido bien hoy.
    te quiere,
    Titi B

  3. Beba: Tu belleza proviene del corazon,, Tu positivismo es un canto a la vida,, Tus ''hats'' seran la bandera de la recuperacion,, Go Girl!! Hay mucha gente que esta contigo, y yo tambien!! Se te quiere ,,''Un Monton'',

  4. So what's the verdict? Knit hat? Ball cap? Fedora? I'm thinking some mommy/daughter hats could ease the transition for you both. And, for what it's worth, a number of my friends have lost hair to chemo and we were all amazed at how quickly it came back. Hang in there! You will be beautiful with or without hair. Much love! ~T


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