Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm finally calling round 5 done

Well, it seems each chemo round is tougher to get over.  I imagine that's why everyone says the effects are cummulative, it is just odd when you kind of know what to expect and then it changes.  The good news is that I'm feeling good!  The bad news is that my list of symptoms and side effects keeps growing!

It feels like I'm writing this post later than I should, because I've now started feeling like myself for a whole 24 hours.  Part of my problem with the chemo side effects is that while I feel sick, I keep thinking of things I should do, or would like to do, or will do as soon as I feel better.  When I finally feel better, I do too much too quickly and get chastised by my husband for using up my energy.

I'll do a quick catchup of what's been going on.  I have now lost all eyebrows and eyelashes, but have thankfully mastered the art of faking them with makeup (or so I tell myself!).  It seems like the taste buds went away faster this time, which means almost everything once again tastes like vinegar or cardboard.

On Monday I got the neulasta shot, and felt pretty lousy with stomach issues and nausea until Tuesday afternoon, when I felt well enough to spend some time outside with the little one, my mom and husband.  We got to play with chalk in the front path, and it was a lot of fun (especially since all I had to do was sit and draw!). Last night was the "lost" night I generally have where I'm too wound up to sleep, and today I left the house for a late lunch and errands with my Mom - and I drove!

I'm feeling adventurous enough to make some plans for the weekend.  The priority between now and next chemo is to have some fun and stay healthy so that I can finally be done with the treatment and start recovery!

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