Sunday, September 22, 2013

Round 5 starts tomorrow!

Halfway through this week, I realized that my cough was finally FINALLY getting better, and how bad I had actually felt the week I was in the hospital.  I also had to get over the disappointment of having to get hospitalized - I thought I had been doing so well, following the rules and being careful!  I even initially started considering that I should do a little less, stay at home more, just lay low till we're done.  

Thankfully, I have doctors who understand that part of the reason I need to "do fun things" is for my emotional health - they reminded me that I've gotten this far, that I should continue what I've been doing.  So... I will be a little more cautious, but probably just a little...

In other news, as I finally started feeling better as the coughing fits subsided, it became apparent that my taste was coming back!!!! It seems my taste buds need about 3 weeks after treatment to start working again!! This was a relief, I had read accounts of people waiting about 6 months after chemo before anything started to taste good...

Needless to say, I've been going through some of my favorite meals (my Mom's arroz con pollo, my homemade mallorcas, tapas from Spanish restaurant, kabobs from Lebanese place, and CHOCOLATE!!!!).

I went out with my in-town-for-a-wedding pregnant friend.  I was careful, and walked into and out of The Cheesecake Factory wearing a mask.  It was worth it for the visit, and for the deliciousness we got to enjoy.  I wondered whether to post a picture of myself with food, mostly because my friend Kevin has taken (and posted) TOO many pictures of me mid-bite which is never flattering.  However, apparently the look of sheer hoy on my face was awesome.  Here goes, the first time I enjoyed a dessert in months!

I had the Godiva cheesecake... :)


  1. Now, THAT'S a *happy* face!!! I'm SO glad you got to have chocolate!!!! <3 ya

  2. That looks amazing! Is that your chocolate smile?

  3. Thinking about you. Espero que esta semana pase pronto y que te recuperes de este round bien pronto. Besos, Titi Rina

  4. Yay for chocolate!

  5. I am now anxious to take a bite out of your Godiva cheesecake. I also wouldn't mind giving a try to your mom's arroz con pollo, mallorcas, tapas, and kabobs from the Lebanese place.
    Happy to see you smiling. :)


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