Sunday, October 13, 2013

Final round starts tomorrow!!!

Well, I just realized my last post never uploaded.  That goes to show how much less attention and time I'm giving to the computer!  Good news is I've been feeing pretty good. As I've mentioned, each round is tougher on both mind and body.  I haven't gotten to do as much fun stuff in between rounds this time, but that's ok because the end of treatment is near!
I hadn't posted this picture from round 5, it's from the chemo chair - they had donated hats that they give away to patients, and I really appreciated this one on a particularly cold morning at the infusion center.

Round 6, my final chemo round, starts tomorrow and I am both very excited to get it DONE - but also very apprehensive about the 2 awful weeks ahead of me.  I'll keep thinking about the end goal, that's the important part.  It's also pretty exciting and terrifying to think that soon I'll be done with chemo and can start working on getting better.  I'm looking forward to having my taste buds back, the prednisone swelling to go down, the numbness in my hands and feet to go away, the hair to grow back, the night sweats to go away...

I might post during the week, but the countdown to being done with chemo is about ready to start!  Reminder that I don't consider being "done" with a round until I'm past the miserable days - that means day 8 or 9 after beginning of chemo - as nice as it is to be unplugged from the pump, it takes days to feel like myself again!

I went out to lunch with some good friends recently, and found this decorative block at a post-food stroll tnrough the bookstore.  I loved the message and wanted to share...

Thank you all again for your continued support, can't wait to let you done when I'm done.  Until then, I'll continue trying to learn "to dance in the rain". :)


  1. So glad you are almost done with chemo. I remember that feeling...

    And it seems like you are getting out when you can, that's good too! I think about you a lot and pray for you. Soon this will be behind you. :)

  2. Pronto veras que la tormenta pasara , y tendras toda una vida para ''Bailar en la lluvia''' . Sabes que estamos contigo. :-)

  3. Wohoo so glad to read this post. Love the hat, you look amazing. From this point nothing but up! Dance dance dance. We will keep on praying. Hugs for all the family. Tell Titi Magda that I love her very much.


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