Thursday, August 29, 2013

Round 4 started today!!!

Well, I'm happy to report that I've had some pretty good days!  I've been able to enjoy some "me" time - and decided to spend a couple of minutes by the beach enjoying the Sun and the calming ocean. I promise I had sunscreen and the hat on most of the time, but wanted a good pic of the bald head, my smile, and the beach! ;)

My inlaws are in town, to help my sister in law get settled (she started college today, I can't believe it!!!!), so we've been able to hang out.  My daughter has been having a blast, and I even got to take her to a bounce house during week 2 (can you see her running around?)

Unfortunately, we've also had a cold going around, and even the little one got it.  She had a fever yesterday, so I got to sport this awesome mask for a couple hours last night... :(. Not the most fun, especially because my 3rd weekend is the time to have fun and enjoy myself before going to the next round.  The good news is that we've had plenty of help, and that so far my counts seem to be unaffected!

I'll probably go on another computer hiatus to avoid the nausea again, but wanted to give an update.  By all accounts we're doing well, my main complaint is that while food has stopped tasting like vinegar (yay!!), it still doesn't exactly taste like anything.  That is disappointing, but not even a problem in the grand scheme of things.  My oncologist said if the taste buds for return till chemo is gone, he'll personally instruct  my husband to get me high quality dark chocolate to enjoy, which means he understands my concerns very well!  Until next time, hugs to you all - thanks for all your emails, comments, text messages, and Facebook messages! :)

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