Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 4 of round 4

I just realized the last post hand published.  I'm doing good, but having more nausea symptoms than before. The side effects can be cumulative so this isn't unexpected.  However, I probably won't be on blogger or Facebook (or email or texting) till next week.

Thanks for your messages and for checking in!!!


  1. I'm so sorry that the treatments are getting tougher, but equally glad that you only have two more rounds to go. Not much longer until the battle is behind you. Hang in there and keep smiling. Much love, ~T

  2. You are 2/3 of the way lady and you ARE WINNING! We are all rooting for you and thinking of you constantly. Hope to see your pretty face soon. *hugs*

  3. Por aca en el Bay Area, Claudio y yo te mandamos un abrazo y esperando que nos podamos reunir para celebrar tu recuperacion total bien pronto.
    xxoo, Titi Rina

  4. Glad you're making progress. Hugs from Texas.


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