Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Emerging from hibernation...

Well, its officially wednesday of week 2, and I feel good!  The nausea finally started subsiding yesterday, and today I feel like myself again.  I can now log onto the computer and not feel like the world is spinning!!!  We had read that the third round of chemo can be rougher for people, and therefore were dreading it a little.  I think it was rougher in terms of the nausea and the tiredness, but it seemed to take about as long to get back to normal, so that's good news.  The main complaint I have right now is that all foods taste like vinegar, which is no fun.

We saw the doc on Monday, and it was great to hear him once again say that I am in remission!  We have to continue going weekly to monitor my blood counts, and the only number that is looking a little low is hemoglobin.  He stated that in this case, iron supplements and iron-rich foods wouldn't help bring the numbers back up, that we just need to monitor during treatment (Depending on how the counts go, they might adjust my medicine dose).

I feel awesome today, almost too good because it was tough to take it easy.  I am sure my Mom will be shocked to hear this, but I had so much energy I did laundry, and also decided to declutter - I have a box of books and a box of toys to donate now.  I am looking forward to a week and a half of feeling like myself before round 4. :)


  1. Las Buenas noticias tuyas las celebramos todos los que te conocemos! Y van a seguir siendo cada vez mejores! Se que Dios te está cuidando y cargando en todo este proceso. Que Dios y la Virgen te sigan cuidando y bendiciendo, nosotros desde aca seguimos rezando. Un abrazo desde Puerto Rico. María Emilia

  2. Ya veras que saldras victoriosa de esto. Se te quiere Sobrinita!!!!

  3. Que bueno escuchar tantas buenas noticias hoy en tu blog despues de tu ratito sin escribir. Estoy mas que contento. Se te quiere muchisimo Joelly. -Alberto

  4. Remission!! A beautiful word!!

  5. That's so fantastic Joelle! I hope to see you again soon!

  6. Once again, you're totally WINNING. :)


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