Monday, July 1, 2013

Too tired to write... (Monday post round 1)

My plan is not to hide on bad days and boast about my energy on good days, the idea is to be honest about the process and take the time to put my thoughts down.

However, I have been too tired to think, too tired to write, and I have painful back spasms that are trying to get the best of me.  I'm saving up my energy for my husband, daughter, and Mom for now.  I will catch you all up when I'm feeling better, I promise.  

The good news is that I got the white blood boosting shot today, and that while my platelet count has gone down, the white blood counts and platelet counts are still within normal limits.  Yay!!! No need to put me in a bubble!

I'm busy fighting cancer, guess it's going to take a toll.  Thanks again for all your positive thoughts, prayers, and support - it is helping!



  1. You make your own pace, and do things whenever you feel like it, sweetie. So far, you're doing amazing! :-D

  2. Becca is right! You manage your energy in the best way possible so you can enjoy the people around you and the people who are with you in mind and spirit each day. So rest so you can have lots of energy to keep fighting this cancer which is the most important thing. I love you so muchhhhhhhh Voy a ti 100% en esta batalla ;)

  3. Ill still check your blog and the Drudge Report every day. :-)

  4. No need to write '' todos los dias'',, Get some rest and then write to us,, Estamos contigo ''Always'' :-) Como dice mi beba Sorich Voy a ti 100%,

  5. I am so sorry that you are going through this but so grateful that there is a proven and effective treatment to fight this. And I wish we could do more to help carry the load on the bad days. For now, we'll continue to send prayers and good thoughts for bright, happy, healthy days. Much love, T

  6. Date permiso para hacer lo que tu cuerpo te pida. Si quiere descanso pues descansa. Estas siempre, siempre en nuestro corazon y nuestras oraciones. Titi B

  7. I admire your desire to be totally honest. It's easy to try to be tough and pretend its all fine..I'm sure I did that. Still think about you lots!!

  8. Eres lo.maximo!



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